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Prepare Together for Birth with this High Quality Web Course

Profylax means to be proactive in Swedish. How to prepare psysically and mentally to get the best possible outcome. AnnasProfylax Web Course in English, is a prebirth course which you and your partner can do at home or wherever you have an Internet connection (WiFi). Your courseleader and instructor is Anna Wilsby Frisk who is the founder of the successful concept AnnasProfylax and the company Profylaxgruppen. Together with her collegues she has educated more than 64 000 parents in her original and unique course, a course where you as her partner will be upgraded! Research show that if you, her partner, feel calm and confident, know what to do and can be a real support, the result and experience will be better.

In this course Anna will guide you together with two pregnant couples, Anders and Johanna and Anna-Lee and Michael. Most of the exercises are practical, but there are some written assignments and exercises which also can be downloaded. You will get access to a written summary and a positive birth affirmation film for your daily inspiration. Whenever you need you can pause the diffrent parts or do it again. The web course is a doubed version from the Swedish original. It is Anna herself who does the talking.

Coping Techniques with Better Results

Anna Wilsby Frisk is the women who started the unique pre birth course AnnasProfylax in febuary 2001. Several studies have been conducted based on her concept. You can almost say that AnnasProfylax is evidence based. Apart from educating pregnant couples and mothers, she also has seminars and certifies midwives, nurses and doctors. Two books, this webcourse and a dvd (now available in a streamed version) has been produced over the years. ”I truly believe every woman and every man is worth having a birth where they can feel in control and that they have their own tools. If you have the possibilty to join a course it´s perfect, but it is also possible to learn by reading or watching this webcourse.” says Anna.

This is how one woman, mother of two, described Anna and her new book: ”I only want to say that Anna Wilsby Frisks touches you on a whole new level. I feel it in my heart, and I am so grateful that people like her exists. Someone who dares to grabs life and really sees it, and helps thers do the same. Beautiful is what it is.” (Anna Sandström)

Unlimited Access for a Whole Month

From the moment we receive your payment, you have free access to the seven different films and written coursematerial that the course consists of. For four weeks you can do and redo the course as many times you want. If you need more time you can add more weeks for a small fee.

Web Course Content

AnnasProfylax Webourse is divided into seven different parts:

  1. Deep breathing and relaxation – The first part of the birth process
  2. Medium, second gear breathing – The second, active part of the birth process.
  3. Shallow, third gear, breathing – The third and most intensive part of the birth process.
  4. Mental preparation – What we focus on expand. How can you prepare mentally and how does your thoughts affect you and your birth?
  5. Massage – Calming massage and grips in different positions. Effective massage gives good painrelief and produces the important hormone oxytocin.
  6. Coaching – What you as her partner can do, say and think when she gives birth. How can you give her the best support?
  7. Pushing – How can you learn to push as gently and effective as possible? Learn which muscels are at work and how you can practise beforehand.

Our recommendation is that you do the whole course at ones the first time – thereafter you can go back and forth to those parts you feel you need to repeat. The total length, included exercises, is about 2-3 hours (depending on how much time you put on the exercises). In every part Anna presents the subject, demonstrates the exercise herself together with the couples. After each segment you will be recommended to pause the film and do the same exercise. Apart from the different exercises we recomend you to watch the inspirational film many times.

Practise, practise, practise…

Instead of hoping that you will get an easy birth, pretend you are preparing for a Marathon! If you feel you can handle long and strong contractions, if you know how to think to stay on track, if you know how to keep you energy high and team up with your partner – then you will have the margins in your side.

It is better to practise a little bit every day, rather than for a long time seldom. Also, DO the diffrent exercises, don´t just watch. You want the relization IN your body so that it knows what to do when it is time.

When to do the Course?

You can do the course at any time during your pregnancy, but from the 29th week the pregnancy becomes very ”real”, which is good for inspiration, and at the same time you have time to practise should the baby arrive early. Again, it is good to have time to practise, it is well invested time.

Technical Needs

You need:

  • A computer, Ipad (or other platform like it) or cellphone/smartphone with WiFi/Internet connection
  • Bandwidth/Internet speed requirement: At least 500 kBit
  • Works both on PC and Macintosh
  • No harddrive is needed since the filmes are streamed as you watch
  • If you have techincal problems or questions, do not hesitate to call us at +46-8-758 02 10.

Prices and Conditions

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Buy the course

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For a magic beginning.


Recommendation from a midwife

BREATHE, RELAX, REST… Glad to hear how well AnnasProfylax prebirth web course works. Profylax means preventive – how to minimize the risk of problems occuring during birth. It is something I´m as your birth coach is passionate about. The midwife Mersa tells us about a night at the clinic in the south of Sweden:

”Last week I took care of a couple that were expecting their 1st child. During pregnancy they had practised with AnnasProfylax Web Course. The couple used the different techniques from the course during the whole birth and they had such a nice team work. The partner supported the mother with her breathing and relaxation, encouraging her when it was tough, helping her with various massage techniques. When the woman lost control of her breathing, her partner was immediately there, reminding her to breathe, breathing together with her.

They had brought with them a baby body, which the newly born baby was going to wear after birth. They also had a small teddy bear to remind them of where they were heading. Each time the contractions were threatening to knock her over, she was asked to look at the body and the teddy bear to stay on track – it worked very well. The man stayed close the whole time and kept repeating, all through birth these three words: Breathe, relax, rest. The birth took 10 hours and was completed with a beautiful birth.

As a midwife, I was very impressed by their birth and their nice collaboration. Had I known it was going to be such a beautiful birth, I would have recorded it to show in class to other parents.”

Voices About the Web Course

”When it was time for us to go to a Lamaze class, we couldn´t find one where we live in Kalmar (in the south of Sweden), so we decided to try out the webcourse. The positive thing is that you can do the course when you have time and at the pace you feel like. We both feel we got good tools for our birth!”

Lise-Lotte Wallin, Kalmar

”My friends talked well about AnnasProfylax, but neither my partner nor I felt like going to a course with other people. The thought of sitting and brbeathing in a group didn´t feel comfortable. Therefore the webcourse felt like a good alternative fort us. We could relax more sitting at home in our sofa doing the exercises. I think a webbased course like this one, can help more people to take the step and try it out.”

Anna Lind och Micael Flender

”My doctor said I had to lie in bed during the pregnancy, so we couldn´t attend an ordinary course. We thought the webcourse was perfectly clear, concret and a good lenght. One advantage is that you can do the course when you want to.”

Görel och Meta Welff

AnnasProfylax Web Course is Classified as Healthcare

According to Swedish tax policies, AnnasProfylax courses, including the web course, is classifed as healthcare, This means that if you get at deduction from work for these kind of activities, you are welcome to use the receipt you get when you purchase the course.
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